Cavalcade of Tales at Győrkőc

The 1000 programs of the V. Győrkőcfesztivál include a number of puppet and street-theatre productions as well. On the Meseszínpad of the Meseváros (Tales-Stage of the Tales-City) and at the Mutatványos tér (Performances Square) of the Győrkőcfalu (Kiddie-Village) there will be tale after tale on Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm! Vitéz László (László the Valiant) and Laci királyfi (Laci the King) will be here; we can find out where the tree that reached the sky leads to and where the land of immortality is; plus we can see how the tricky Szekler woman defeats the devil. From the forest of our classic tales come the Three Little Pigs and the horde of wolves threatening them, from the new stories ’Szemenszedett mese’ and ’Bódog és Szomorilla’ can be seen.

On the streets and at the squares the mini circus of the Tintaló, the peeping game of Bábakalács, the renaissance toys of the puppet theatre from Debrecen and the mice parade of Laci Gyulás will be waiting for everyone.