Ági Szalóki, the fairy of the V. Győrkőcfesztivál, is singing now with Ildikó Vitai at the opening!
    The city of Győr will be the children’s again for three days! Opening on the 6th of July at 7 pm!
    The Vaskakas Hobbit Playground has been building!
    Party on Saturday night with Andrea Malek, Éva Korpás and the Körte band!
    For the first time in the world at the V. Győrkőcfesztivál!

Ági Szalóki at the opening

On the first full weekend of July, between the 6th and 8th, Vaskakas Bábszínház will organize the Győrkőcfesztivál for the fifth times.

Cavalcade of Tales at Győrkőc

The 1000 programs of the V. Győrkőcfesztivál include a number of puppet and street-theatre productions as well.

Come Gyuri to Győr…

…to Győrkőcfesztivál! This year for the fifth times we are calling the country’s every Gyuri, Zsófi, Peti, Zsuzsi…, namely every kiddie to festival in the city of four rivers, Győr.